Agnieszka Bar Design


Agnieszka Bar – Glass Designer

I am graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, and co-founder of Wzorowo Design Group. I cooperate in the implementation process of industrial designs and in experimental projects. Under my own brand I design and implement copyright series of utility glass, realize unique objects.

Explores the properties of glass, made products by hand.
I use traditional techniques and take care about quality.
In design is the man and the circumstances important for me. I am interested in customers and users emotions.

The projects were presented and awarded in the world: Finalist of European Glass Experience Competition 2014 Finalist of DOBRY WZÓR Competition 2013 – glasses ‘on finger’ Finalist of MAKE ME! 2009 Competition – vase ‘Group Vase’
I-st award in ‘Peppermint Bottle for Dobra Widawa’ competition.


The multi-pot for fresh herbs and cut flowers is a module which we can compose. Glass tanks are molded indentations fastened together by elastic band in the “bouquet”.
Thanks to this vase is used for different types of plants, and avoid mixing the juices secreted by them.
* glass elements can be washed in the dishwasher

dimensions: 13-17 cm hight /weight: 250 g

GROUP VASE_Agnieszka Bar_podwójny (2)


Subtle collection to expose visually beautiful sweets
on the table, at home or in restaurants. Subsequent storeys of the tower in the form of inwerted glass footers, create an interesting elegant composition.
* wash it carrefully

dimensions: 24-32 cm height, 13 cm diameter

SWEET FEET2_Agnieszka Bar_low


Set of two matching to each other glasses, with subtle details. Convexity in one form, complete recess in the second one. As in life “fullness” complete “lack”. Designed for cold drinks. Use always with your friend. *hand washing recommended!

(Part of set awarded in the Design Selection “Talents2008 International Trade Fair” in Frankfurt am Main.)

ON FINGER DUO_Agnieszka Bar

ON FINGER DUO 2_Agnieszka Bar


Part of ergonomic set with subtle details. Two bowls designed for snacks and salads. Dents provide with maximum grip. A finger dipped into glass feels as if you were integrated with the dish and its matter. *hand washing recommended!

(Part of set awarded in the Design Selection “Talents2008 International Trade Fair” in Frankfurt am Main.)

ON FINGER_ALL SET_Agnieszka Bar ON FINGER BOWLS 2_Agnieszka Bar