Lukas Bast


Velvet Twist

3D printed bangles with velvet surface in four colors.
The special finishing changes the way how 3d printed jewelry feels.

Ø 66mm (inner diameter) / 25mm height
Yellow, Petrol, Bordeaux, Black

Design: Lukas Bast, 2014

3DPrint_Bracelet_Bangle_Velvet_Twist_Bast_07 3DPrint_Bracelet_Bangle_Velvet_Twist_Bast_01Jump Rope

Wood turned handles with a heavy 6mm climbing cord.

Natural oiled ash and maple handles with a 8mm bore provides free rotation of the cord.

You can easy adjust the length of the cord with a screw at the rope ends.

ash – neon yellow, ash – violet, maple – wine red, maple – navy blue

Design by Lukas Bast

jump_rope_violet_01 jump_rope_colours_02

Native Graphic Rings

3D printed nylon rings with five graphics in black, blue and red. 

The ring is adjustable.

Disk diameter: 23mm

Design by Lukas Bast


Bracelet Bold Twist

3D printed bracelets in many colorful combinations.

Every bangle is unique in his color variation.

Ø 66mm / 25mm height

Design by Lukas Bast, 2013

Produced by Microgiants

3DPrinted_Bracelet_Bold_Twist_07 3DPrinted_Bracelet_Bold_Twist_06 3DPrinted_Bracelet_Bold_Twist_04 3DPrinted_Bracelet_Bold_Twist_02 3DPrint_Bracelet_02

3D Printed Rings

Four ring shapes in many different color variations.

Design by Lukas Bast, 2013

Produced by Microgiants

3D_printed_rings_04 3D_printed_rings_02

Bicycle Hermes Wings

Wings for all the urban-promenading-cyclists.

Hermes, Olympian god and son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, is protector and patron of travelers, athletics and sports. So, travel safe between the next freelance job and your favorite wi-fi coffee.

The wings are 3D printed in solid plastic. 

Colours in pink, yellow, green, silver-gray & black.

Available for five different frame diameters.

13mm/0.51 inch

16mm/0.62 inch

17mm/0.67 inch

19mm/0.75 inch

22,5mm/0.89 inch

Design by Lukas Bast, 2013

Produced by Microgiants

Bike_WingClip_Bast_13 Bike_WingClip_Bast_17 Bike_WingClip_Bast_01 Bike_WingClip_Bast_11

MacBook Mouse Sticker

Design by Lukas Bast

macbook_sticker_mouse_02 macbook_sticker_mouse_01

Lukas Bast

Lukas Bast Visualization