The Wel­lDo­ne® products, ma­nu­fac­tu­red by the ”Being To­ge­the­r” Fo­un­da­tion, made from natural ma­te­rials, simple, witty and in­tel­li­gent are not only very useful but are also the perfect gifts.

They were designed by young de­si­gners and are now being produced by people re­tur­ning to the labour market, who are sup­por­ted by the “Being To­ge­the­r” Fo­un­da­tion.

The Wel­lDo­ne® products are of excel­lent quality, unique design and at at­trac­ti­ve prices, ad­di­tio­nal­ly pro­vi­ding each buyer with an op­por­tu­ni­ty to do so­me­thing good.


Set of felt coasters that will protect all your tables, countertops and furniture from stains and heat mark rings caused by coffee mugs, drink glasses, plates and other hot or cold containers. Sheepad design won first prize in the first National Challenge „Zaprojektuj Dobrą Rzecz” 2012. Jury has unanimously agreed that Sheepad fulfilled and met all „Zaprojektuj Dobrą Rzecz” requirements and criteria. It is original and functional, technically simple, ecologically friendly and can be produced in communal type of business. Sheepad is not only about work. It evokes positive emotions, it is also witty, cheerful and easily makes functional and funny gift! Sheepad adds to your home décor by bringing warmth and originality in small, artsy package. It is impossible not to like it. It catches attention, brings giggles and of course could be this perfect conversation starter.

Designer: Aleksandra Michałowska

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Cable Eater – Desktop cord holder.

Keeps the workplace organised by holding all cords in one place.

Designer: Klaudia Kasprzak

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Froggie Talkie 

Designer: M&W Małolepszy

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Wooden Tree

3D wooden puzzles, inspired by the shape of a tree. The tips of the smallest branches have special places for attaching notes, photos or other small objects. This funny and practical decoration is good for home or office spaces. Any number of pieces can be used to build a tree.

Designer: Urszula Mas

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Wooden City

Top notch order is what rules this wood block city! Just three block big, “Wooden City” will keep all your business cards, pens and pencils all in check and perfect order. Geometric shapes, deeply inspired by architecture of Cieszyn city poured into solid beech wood are practical, esthetic and ever lasting.

Designer: Ewa Guniewska

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